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Can one small community win a world war
single-handedly? You'll begin to wonder after reading
Robert N. Going's latest book,
Where Do We Find Such
Men?, published May 2, 2013.
The general who supplies the American forces in
Europe, the private who leads a company of POWs to
freedom, the spunky heiress who becomes a spy, the
dimple-chinned ensign who becomes a movie star, the
doctor who sees through Rudolph Hess, the soccer team
heard round the world, the airplane mechanic at Hickam
Field, the National Guard boys who become men on
Saipan, the grocer's son in the first wave on Omaha
Beach, the Navy flier who opens the air field on
Guadalcanal,the circus act that produces seven fighting
men from the same family; all these and more do their
part to win World War II, and all spring from the same
hero-producing environs of Amsterdam, New York.

Where Do We Find Such Men? Contains dozens of
stories of Amsterdam in World War II, from the Big
Parade of October 23, 1940 when the Boys of Company
G, the local National Guard Unit, marched off for one year
of federal service that lasted until late 1945, to the last
funeral of a local soldier killed in the war (in 1991).

Along the way you'll meet Bill Hasenfuss and his family.
Bill is killed on December 7, 1941 at Hickam Field,
Territory of Hawaii. You'll read major excerpts from the
wartime diary of Edward T. Hartigan, serving with
Merrill's Marauders in India, and witness the limitless
courage of Chaplain Anthony Sidoti.
Heroes on and off the playing field, the Bigelow Sanford
Uniteds Soccer Club sends members to all parts of the
world: from Alaska to North Africa, Italy, France,
Germany, Czechoslovakia, and every island in the
Pacific and all the way to Nagasaki, bringing home
bushel baskets of medals.

And then there's Private First Class Jack Blanchfield,
who at age 20 ends up commanding a company of
prisoners of war who outwit their Nazi captors, then make
a daring and successful escape deep behind enemy

And Gertrude Sanford Legendre, heiress of a great
carpet fortune, who becomes a spy and is captured by
the enemy.
You'll follow Company G every step of the way through
the battles of Saipan and Okinawa, and crawl through
Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima with our fighting Marines.
You'll see what 18 year old Richard Dantini saw when the
ramp dropped open on Omaha Beach. You'll follow the
antic adventures of Malcolm Tomlinson and friends with
their four D-Day landings, and individual stories of
survival and courage from sunken ships to downed
airplanes, and witness the Battle of Leyte Gulf from the
perspective of a virtually armor-free escort carrier facing
the might of the Japanese fleet.

And you'll hear from Dr. Rene Juchli, the Amsterdam
physician who treats the most notorious war criminals of
World War II, or any other time.

There aren't too many of these folks left. It's time we said
thank you.

Where Do We Find Such Men? will make sure they are
never forgotten.


Robert N. Going is a graduate of St. Mary's Institute and
Bishop Scully High School in Amsterdam, NY. He
received his BA degree from the State University of New
York at Albany in 1973 where he majored in History. After
being awarded a Juris Doctor degree from Albany Law
School in 1979 he entered the practice of law.

He is the author of several books, including a companion
to this one,
Honor Roll: The World War II Dead of
Amsterdam, NY
; a murder mystery, The Evil Has
; and a collection of essays, The Judge Report:
Musings of a Conservative Republican Pro-Life
Catholic Red Sox Fanatic Currently Hiding Out in
Amsterdam, NY USA

He remains in Amsterdam with his wife Mary. They have
four accomplished children and a sweet granddaughter.

Where Do We Find Such Men? is available through
Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com and is retailed
locally through Old Peddler's Wagon, The Book Hound,
and the Walter Elwood Museum.


Where Do We Find Such Men?
Robert N. Going
Publication Date: May 02 2013
1438288840 / 9781438288840
Page Count: 376
Where Do We Find Such Men?
Where Do We Find Such Men?
Robert N. Going
Robert N. Going's Roll Call: The World War II Dead of Amsterdam, NY