Total Baseball:
The Official Encyclopedia
of Major League Baseball
Edited by John Thorn, Pete Palmer, Michael Gershman and David Pietrusza
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Once the upstart reference for fans,
Total Baseball, now in its sixth edition,
has evolved into the official
encyclopedia of Major League
Baseball. It's not hard to see why.

Like its older cousin, the
, it is a mammoth volume
filled with yearly results, awards,
detailed postseason and all-star
accounts, and the complete career
statistics of every major-league player
through 1998. But while the
Encyclopedia has basically remained a
book of numbers,
Total Baseball
crams in hundreds of pages of words:
there are essays on everything
baseball. The lineup covers the bases
from the traditional (team histories,
baseball reporting, and the 400 best
players) to the marvelously esoteric
(baseball families, baseball movies,
and women and baseball).

Sadly, some terrific veteran pieces—
poet Donald Hall's provocative analysis
of the national significance of "Casey at
the Bat," an essay on baseball and the
law, an account of Jackie Robinson's
signing, and a comprehensive chronicle
of rule and scoring changes—have
been retired, so don't banish your Fifth
Edition to left field. Happily, their
replacements are equally all-star: a
Robert Creamer essay on Casey
Stengel, greater coverage of the game
outside the United States, a thorough
Bartlett's of baseball quotations, and
Warner Fuselle's engaging history of
"Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and
other noted arias.

Finally, a caveat: the player statistics
are crammed in so tightly you'll wish
Total Baseball included a magnifying
glass. Still, squinting is a small price to
pay for so Ruthian a chunk of baseball
                   --Jeff Silverman
Total Baseball: The Official Encyclopedia of Major League History (6th edition)
JOHN THORN is one of the country's
foremost baseball experts and
historians. He created the original
edition of
Total Baseball in 1989 with
Pete Palmer, has written a multitude
of baseball books since 1974, is a
frequent guest on ESPN when the
subject of baseball history and
records is on the front burner and was
the principal consultant on Ken Burns'
epochal documentary series,
Baseball. Thorn lives in Kingston,
New York.

PETE PALMER is baseball's premier
statistician. In 1984 he worked with
Thorn on the groundbreaking book,
The Hidden Game of Baseball, which
eventually led to
Total Baseball.
Palmer lives in Hollis, New Hampshire.

MICHEAL GERSHMAN, a co-founder of
Total Sports and a co-editor of
, passed away on January 4,

DAVID PIETRUSZA is the author or
editor of over two dozen books, many
of them on baseball. Despite the fact
that he is indeed a writer -- or "A
WRITER!!!!!" as Ted Williams put it
during their first meeting --” Pietrusza
and the Splendid Splinter worked
together on several projects,
culminating in
Teddy Ballgame: My
Life in Pictures. Pietrusza has co-
Total Baseball and Baseball:
The Biographical Encyclopedia. His
Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of
Kenesaw Mountain Landis captured
the 1998 CASEY Award as best
baseball book of the year.
Total Baseball (Vol. VI) Contents


The History

1. Team Histories, Frederick Ivor
Campbell and David Pietrusza  
2. Ballparks, Philip J. Lowry
3. Major League Attendance, Robert L.
4. The 400 Greatest Players, Michael
5. Casey Stengel, Robert Creamer    

The Players

6. The Home Run Race, Gary Gillette   
7. Baseball Families, Larry Amman     
8. Greenberg to Green: Jewish
Ballplayers, David Spaner  
9. Streaks and Feats, Jack Kavanagh   
10. Awards and Honors, Bill Deane     
11. All-Star Game, Frederick-Ivor
Campbell with Matthew Silverman
12. Postseason Play, Frederick-Ivor
Campbell with Matthew Silverman

Other Leagues

13. Black Ball, Jules Tygiel      
14. The Minor Leagues, Bob Hoie     
15. Japanese Baseball, Yoichi Nagatta
and John B. Holway  
16. Baseball in the Caribbean, Rob
Ruck and Eduardo Valero
17. Baseball in Canada, Bruce L.
18. Baseball in Australia, Robert
19. Baseball in Korea, Thomas St.
20. Baseball in Taiwan, Jeffrey Wilson    
21. Spring Training, Myles E.
22. Women in Baseball, Debra A.

The Game Off the Field

23. Baseball and the Law, Gary D.
24. The Amateur Free Agent Draft, Allan
25. Fantasy Baseball, Don L. Daglow,
Jack Kavanagh, and Garth Chouteau      
26. Reel Baseball: The Movies,
Carroll and Rob Edelman


The Registers, Leaders, and Rosters

The Player Register       
The Pitcher Register                 
The Annual Record, Rosters, and
Highlights, Pete Palmer and James
The All-Time Leaders       
Lifetime Leaders      
Single Season Leaders     
The Manager Roster       
The Coach Roster       
The Umpire Roster, Larry R. Gerlach   
The Owners and Officials Roster, David


1.  Baseball Quotations, Sean Lehman    
2.  Notes on Contributors      
3.  Glossary of Statistical Terms    
4.  Team and League Abbreviations    
Other Baseball Books by
David Pietrusza