The Total Baseball Catalog:
Edited by
David Pietrusza,
Bob Carroll, and
Lloyd Johnson
The Total Baseball Catalog:
Unique Baseball Stuff and
How to Buy It is a book that
belongs on the shelf of all real
baseball buffs. The book, from
the editors of Total Baseball,
is the ultimate guide of what to
buy and where to buy it. It is a
one-stop bazaar for baseball
shoppers, including sections
on cards and collectibles;
fantasy leagues and video
games; books, movies, music,
web sites and periodicals;
team and league directories;
and finding a job, an agent or
a guest speaker. It is the
biggest and best guide to
baseball ever assembled.
Unique Baseball Stuff and How to Buy It
From World Wide Collectors

Think that the Hall of Fame in
Cooperstown is the only place to view
baseball history? Guess again! In a
chapter entitled "Finding Baseball's
Treasures," the addresses of more than
70 halls of fame, museums and baseball
archives are listed, including descriptions
of their baseball collections. Also featured
in the chapter is a listing of the gravesites
of Hall of Famers.

If you've got a question about baseball
that's not statistics related, then
The Total
Baseball Catalog
probably has an
answer. Want advice on starting up your
own baseball newsletter? How about
forming a fan club? Want
recommendations for the ten best
baseball movies? Looking for a job in
baseball, but don't know where to start?
Twenty chapters of fascinating information
will provide the answers to these and a ton
of other questions.

Sprinkled throughout the book are
intriguing sidebars that greatly add to the
reading pleasure. An example is an
interesting piece on why "The
Star-Spangled Banner" is played before
all baseball games. A healthy supply of
photos on a myriad of baseball subjects
also helps to liven up the text.

Due to the fact that the book is a
conglomeration of facts and information,
the chapters can be read randomly at
leisure. Being a collector and/or a fan is
not inexpensive in today's world.
Total Baseball Catalog
will help readers
spend their discretionary income wisely
and enjoy the National Pastime even more.