Arnold Rothstein's Broadway
1906 - Carolyn Green opens in The Chorus Lady at the Savoy
Theater, starring Rose Stahl.

1908 - Meets showgirl Carolyn Green at the Hotel Cadillac

1909 - Marries Carolyn Green at Saratoga Springs, New York
(August 12)

1909 - Opens gambling house on West 46th Street and will
employ Broadway showgirls to "steer" business to it. Two of
his most prominent steerers are Peggy Hopkins Joyce and
Ziegfeld Follies star Lilliane Lorraine.

1913 - Begins relationship with showgirl Bobbie Winthrop.

1917 - Arch Selwyn opens Selwyn Theatre at 229 W. 42nd
Street; bankrolled by A.R. (Oct. 2).

1919 - Bankrolls first edition of George White's Scandals
(June 2).
-George M. Cohan avoids betting on 1919 World Series
because of rumors of fix.

1920 -  Henchman Nicky Arnstein (husband of Ziegfeld Follies
star Fanny Brice) in hiding for Wall Street Liberty Bond thefts
- Furnishes bail for Arnstein; Monk Eastman steals Fanny
Brice's car, returns it on mention of Rothstein's name (May 16).
-Rothstein pal New York Giants manager John J. McGraw
becomes embroiled in two separate brawls with actors William
Boyd and John Slavin at The Lamb's Club. Will be defended
by Rothstein attorney, William "The Great Mouthpiece" Fallon
(who also defends Arnstein). Fallon's mistress is showgirl
Gertrude Vandebilt.

1922 - Helps finance Anne Nichols' Abie's Irish Rose (opens
May 23 at the New Victory Theatre).
- Borrows $20,000 from Irving Berlin.

1923 - Showgirl Dot King found murdered in Rothstein-owned
apartment (Mar 15).

1925 - Louise Groody, wife of Rothstein Wall Street associate
Edward M. Fuller, opens in
No, No Nanette! at the Globe
Theater (205 W. 46th Street).

1927 - Carolyn Rothstein tells Rothstein she desires a divorce.
- Death of Bobbie Winthrop.
- Rothstein meets showgirl Inez Norton.

1928 - Bankrolls Con Conrad's Broadway review Keep
, starring Fats Waller, at Daly's Theater on West 63rd
Street (opens Feb. 27)
-Broadway producer George White sends flowers to
Rothstein's funeral (November 7).

1930 - Mark Linder's play Room 349 (alternately titled
Bumped Off) opens at the National Theater (208 W. 41st
Street, now the Nederlander), telling the story of Rothstein's
death and featuring Inez Norton (April 15). It closes after 15
The Apollo Theater
Nicky Arnstein
Nicky Arnstein
Carolyn Rothstein in her showgirl days.
  Fanny Brice in 1912
Rothstein Mistress
Bobby Winthrop
Fanny Brice Sang
About Her Troubles
with Nicky Arnstein
in "My Man."
Rothstein Mistress
Inez Norton