Minor Miracles
"Pietrusza tells the colorful history of baseball's minor leagues,
which have endured for 117 years. Humorous anecdotes and
personality profiles abound. Recommended for popular
Library Journal

"Pietrusza's love song to the minors...deftly written and
  —The Sporting News

"It's a more than entertaining collection. It could keep you
amused for weeks."
 —Baseball America

—Sacramento Bee

—Jeff Guinn and Bobby Bragan

Acknowledgements  vii

1.The Minors: Where the Pros Began 1
2.A Little More History: A Player's Life 18
3.Fun and Games 30
4.Judge Bramham: Czar of the Minors 42
5.Howard Green: Minor League Missionary 49
6.After Pearl Harbor 58
7.The Minors' Screwiest Ballparks 68
8.Critters, Flora, Occupation: Minor League Team Nicknames
9.PCL Parks of the '50s: Nostalgia Ain't What It Used to Be 85
10. Alabama Pitts  91
11. Bush League Scrapbook: Part I  98
12. Bush League Scrapbook: Part II  107
13. Frank Shaughnessy: He Saved the Minors  118
14. Before You Can Say Jack Robinson: Pro Baseball's Black
Pioneers 127
15. Steve Dalkowski: The Tragic Fireballer  134
16. Tommy Lasorda: Minor League Veteran  142
17. Father Martin Ran a Minor League  149
18. Unser Choe Hauser  154
19. Steve Bilko  162
20. Joe Engel: Baseball's Barnum  169
21. The Mad Russian: Lou Novikoff  184
22. Ralph Kiner: A Hall-of-Famer Remembers the Minors  194
23. Declaration of Independependence: The Northern League  
24. Strike Insurance  213
The Minor League Bibliography  223
About the Author  232