Lights On!
The Wild, Century-Long Saga of Night Baseball
for the
of 1997
Lights On! The Wild, Century-Long Saga of Night Baseball
Lights On! chronicles the rise of night
baseball, a trend that transformed the
national pastime. The road to night
baseball has not always been smooth, but
some of the bumps make the best stories.

David Pietrusza balances precise research
with an eye for intriguing anecdotal
material. From the first night game at
Nantasket Beach between two
department store teams to the
experiments of barnstorming teams, from
the bush leagues and the minor leagues to
the eventual conversion of the major
league clubs, Pietrusza offers insight into
this fascinating phase of baseball history.
He concludes with an analysis of the
effects of nighttime play on the sport.

Lights On! will appeal to baseball fans
and students of sports history alike.
Foreword by Hall of Famer
Enos Slaughter
David Pietrusza
"Wow, talk about exhaustive research.
As president of the Society for
American Baseball Research (SABR),
author Pietrusza enlisted the aid of a
number of baseball historians in the
preparation of this definitive work on
the history of night baseball. What an
excellent work 'Lights On!' is. . . .
"A ton of related footnotes and
anecdotes makes the 'Lights On!'
story very pleasurable reading. It's a
super addition to the world of baseball

World Wide Collectors Digest

"Lively, entertaining, informative . . .
chockful of anecdotes and interesting

     --NINE: A Journal of Baseball
History and Culture
Enos Slaughter and David Slaughter
Listed in Ron Kaplan's 501 Baseball Books Funs Must Read Before They Die