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Capital Region Baseball Timeline
Part III: 1951-
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Albany-Colonie Yankees
1989 Yearbook
Capital Region Baseball Timeline:
1951 - Kingston Colonials join the Canadian-American League, finish last (33-84).

- Future Yankee catcher Johnny Blanchard with Amsterdam. Amsterdam's John Jones
leads the Canadian-American League with 18 homers and 127 RBIs; teammate Bill
Casanova leads with 121 runs scored and 155 hits. Pittsfield's Robert Jeffries leads with
140 strikeouts; the Glovers' William McMillan leads with a .337 average.

- Blue Jays defeat Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 before 3,464 fans (July 10).

- Future major leagues Jack Sanford (15-11, 3.58), Eddie Kasko (1 HR, 50 RBI, .246)
and Ed Sanicki (.249) with Schenectady. Teammates Richard Young (166 hits) and Paul
Stuffel (183 strikeouts) lead EL.

- Future major league infielder Rudy Meoli born in Troy (May 1)

- Former Negro League outfielder Butch Davis (5 HR, 30 RBI, .350) with Albany.

- Jacob DeBeer, founder of J. DeBeers & Sons, dies in Albany at age 98.

1952 - Meeting at Schenectady's Hotel Van Curler the Canadian-American League votes
to suspend operations, ending pro baseball in Amsterdam, Gloversville-Johnstown and
Pittsfield (January 26).

- Albany (82-54) becomes Red Sox farm team and wins EL pennant under manager
Jack Burns. Future Red Sox owner Haywood Sullivan (6 HR, 32 RBI, .295) with
Albany. Arnold Spence leads EL with 89 runs scored; Charlie Haag and George Uhaze
led with 18 wins. Uhaze paces EL with 2.13 ERA.

- Future NL Rookie of the Year Jack Sanford (16-8, 2.94) with Schenectady Blue Jays.
Teammate Ron Mrozinski leads EL with 148 strikeouts.

1953 - Future major league pitcher Turk Farrell (7-3, 3.39) and Ed Sadowski (0 HR, 4
RBI, .203) with Schenectady Blue Jays. Teammate John Meyer leads EL with 226

- Future major leaguer Dave Sisler (12-7, 2.60), nephew of Hall of Famer George Sisler,
with Albany Senators.

- Troy native Billy Harrell is Eastern League MVP, while appearing with Reading.

- Former Pittsfield Electrics third baseman Al Rosen is American League MVP.

- Schenectady reaches the finals of the Little League World Series.

1954 - Future major league southpaw John Tudor born in Schenectady (February 2)

- Former Glovers Chuck Harmon becomes the first black to play for the Cincinnati Reds
(April 17).

- The Philadelphia Phillies defeat the Schenectady Blue Jays 6-1 before 3,003 fans (July

- Schenectady under manager Mike Maietta wins Little League World Series defeating
Colton, California 7-5 in a seven-inning contest before an estimated 7,000 fans in
Williamsport, Pa. Club features future major leaguers Jim Barbieri and Billy Connors.
Colton features future Cubs second baseman Ken Hubbs (August 27).

- Future big league outfielder Stan Palys bats .316 for Schenectady in 93 games; Seth
Morehead (14-13), Turk Farrell (11-15, 3.21) and Angelo LiPetri (11-10) on pitching
staff. Former AL batting champ (.309 in 1945) George Stirnweiss hits .333 for club in 7
games. Morehead leads EL with 207 strikeouts. Farrell ties for EL lead in losses.

- Diminutive (5'5 1/2") future major league outfielder Albie Pearson (2 hr, 38 RBI, .269)
with Albany. Albany's Charley Haag's 18 victories ties for league lead.

- Future major league pitcher Roger Weaver born in Amsterdam (October 6).

- Jimmy Barbieri, captain of Schenectady's Little League World Champions throws out
the first ball of the Giants-Indians World Series at the New York's Polo Grounds.

- Former Amsterdam Rugmaker Bob Grim wins AL Rookie of the Year Award.

1955 - Former major league player and umpire Tom Lynch dies in Cohoes (March 28).

- Future major leaguers Ed Bouchee (.313), Don Cardwell (10-9, 3.77), Angelo LiPetri
(11-6), and Pancho Herrara (19 HR, 79 RBI, .308) (a former Kansas City Monarch)
with Schenectady. Former Kansas City monarch pitcher Hank Mason 14-9, 2.93) also
with club

- Albany's Neal Hertwick leads EL with 112 RBIs.

- Last night game at Amsterdam's
Mohawk Mills Park until 1980 (August 1).

- Future major league relief ace Jeff Reardon born in Dalton, Ma. (October 1)

1956 - J. DeBeers & Sons relocates to 66 State Street, Albany.

- Schenectady (84-54) wins EL pennant under manager Dick Carter. Pancho Herrara
(14 HR, 88 RBI, .286) and Jim Golden (0-1, 4.06) on roster. Former Kansas City
Monarch pitcher Hank Mason (15-11, 2.28) also with club

- Future major leaguers Ted Wills (4-0), Jerry Zimmerman (3 HR, 36 RBI, .231), Earl
Wilson (13-9, 3.12) and Pumpsie Green (3 HR, 44 RBI, .274),first black with Boston
Red Sox, with Albany.

1957 - Former Schenectady Blue Jays Jack Sanford and Ed Bouchee finish 1-2 for NL
Rookie of the Year Award.

- Former Indians pitcher Bugs Reisigl dies in Amsterdam (February 24).

- Future major league lefthander Dave LaPoint born in Glens Falls (July 29)

- Future major leaguer Bill Monboquette (1-1) with Albany. Teammates Dick McCarthy
led EL with a .327 average and Bill Slack led EL with a 2.24 ERA.

- Schenectady leaves EL. Future major leaguers Chuck Essegian (20 HR, 87 RBI, .355
in 80 games) and Jim Golden (11-10, 3.88) with club.

- Future major league righthander David Palmer born in Glens Falls (October 19)

1957-58 - Troy native Billy Harrell leads the Puerto Rican Winter League in batting.

1958 - Stadium Golf Course opens on the site of Schenectady's McNearney Stadium
(July 10).

- Former Albany Senator Albie Pearson wins AL Rookie of the Year Award. Former
Negro Leaguer Buddy Reedy also on team.

- Future Braves second baseman Paul Runge born in Kingston (May 21).

1959 - Final season of Albany Senators despite winning second half of split season under
manager Alfred Evans. Future major league pitchers John Wyatt (a former Negro
Leaguer) (1-6, 5.55) and Norm Bass (2-4, 5.19) with club.

- Rumors circulate over Springfield EL franchise being transferred to Pittsfield, but
nothing results.

- Future major league southpaw Dave LaPoint born in Glens Falls (July 29)

- Schenectady reaches the semi-finals of the Little League World Series; loses to Auburn,
California 8-1

1960 - Death of Edwin McLaughlin, founder of Dolgeville's Adirondack Bat Co. (March)

- Future major league pitcher John Cerutti born in Albany (April 28).

- Future major league righthander Randy St. Claire born at Glens Falls (August 23)

- Albany's Hawkins Stadium demolished (November)

1961 - Future major league outfielder Mickey Brantley born in Catskill (June 17)

- Former major league pitcher Ed Ruelbach dies in Glens Falls (July 17).

1964 - Mohawk Mills Park deeded to City of Amsterdam (September).

- Smiling Mickey Welch elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

1965 - Pittsfield Red Sox join Eastern League and win pennant under manager Eddie
Popowski, nipping Earl Weaver's Elmira Pioneers. George Scott leads EL with .319
average, 167 hits, 84 RBIs and 25 homers. Teammate Chris Coletta leads EL with 92
runs scored. Reggie Smith (8 homers, 64 RBI, .259) and Gerry Moses (0 Hr, 7 RBI, .
220) also with club.

- Former Albany Senator Haywood Sullivan resigns as A's manager and becomes Red
Sox Director of Player Personnel (November 28).

1966 - Former NY Giants star outfielder George Burns dies in Gloversville. Burns led the
NL in runs scored five times (1914, 1916, 1917, 1919 and 1920) and in walks five times
(1915, 1919, 1920, 1921 and 1923).

- Future major leagues Sparky Lyle (4-2, 3.65), Ken Wright (3-8, 5.19), Gerry Moses
(7 HR, 51 RBI, .263) and Billy Conigliaro (7 HR, 41 RBI, .238) with Pittsfield.
Teammates Tony Torchia (83 RBIs) and Jerry Hudgins (15 wins) lead EL.

1967 - Frank Wickware dies in Schenectady at age 79; buried in an indigent veteran's
plot in Vale Cemetery.

- The Rowan Controller Co. purchases Dolgeville's Adirondack Bat Co.

- Pittsfield's Bobby Mitchell (74 runs scored and 141 hits) and Bill Schlesinger (141 hits,
81 RBI and 21 homers) lead the EL. Ken Brett (10-7, 1.80), Ken Wright (9-13, 3.35),
Gerry Moses (3 HR, 55 RBI, .254) and Bill Klimkowski (7-4, 2.83) also with club

1968 - Pittsfield's Tony Torchia (.294), Carmen Fanzone (71 runs scored, 75 RBIs, 17
homers) and Dick Baney (14 wins) lead EL. Future major leaguers Luis Alvardo (0 HR,
29 RBI, .257) and Ken Wright (9-13, 3.35) also with club

- Future major league outfielder Dan Peltier born in Clifton Park (June 30)

1969 - J. DeBeers & Sons relocates to 5 Burdock Drive, West Albany.

- Pittsfield's Jackie Mountain hits 5 straight doubles in a 14-2 win over Waterbury.
Teammate Carlton Fisk (10 HR, 41 RBI, .243) leads EL catchers with 22 errors. Bill
Lee (6-2, 2.06) and Ken Wright (12-10, 2.40) also with club

1970 - Future major leaguers Toby Harrah (3 HR, 37 RBI and .276) and Larry Biitner
(9, 62 RBI and .325) with Pittsfield. Teammate Bill Gogolewski leads EL with 146
strikeouts and a .737 won-lost percentage.

- Veteran minor league outfielder John Duffy dies in Albany—with Albany (1899-1902,
1913-14) and Troy (1908-1912) (April 24).

- Lee Riley dies at Schenectady's St. Clare's Hospital (Sept. 13).

1971 - The Pittsfield Senators's Richard Guarnera leads EL with 132 hits. Future major
leaguer Bill Fahey (6 HR, 38 RBI, .286) leads EL catchers in fielding. Bill Madlock (10
HR, 37 RBI, .234) also with club

- A-T-O Inc. of Willoughby, Ohio purchases Dolgeville's Adirondack Bat Co. from
Rowan Industries.

1972 - The Pittsfield Senators's Al Thompson's 31 homers leads the EL. Bill Madlock (4
HR, 26 RBI, .328) Pete MacKanin (1 HR, 22 RBI, .247) also with club.

- Former Pittsfield Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk wins AL Rookie of the Year Award.

1973 - The Pittsfield Rangers, under manager Joe Klein, win the EL pennant; lose playoffs
to Reading. Pittsfield's Jim Rice leads EL with .317 average. Teammate Tom Robson
leads EL with 38 homers and 126 RBIs.

1975 - On his last chance, Ralph Kiner elected to Hall of Fame by one vote

- Pittsfield Rangers' Bump Wills leads EL with 140 hits.

1976 - Pittsfield (Berkshire)Brewers draw just 23,561 and leave EL. Danny Thomas of
Brewers leads EL with .325 average, 83 RBIs and 29 homers; will later commit suicide.

1977 - Former Pittsfield Red Sox Sparky Lyle wins AL Cy Young Award.

- Albany native Gary Holle leads Eastern League with 30 homers while at Hallux.

- The Little Falls Mets join the NYP League; finish 5th. Club features future major
leaguers Jody Davis and Wally Backman.

1978 - Future major leaguer Brian Giles with Little Falls Mets.

- Former Albany Senator Haywood Sullivan is part of new Red Sox ownership group.
(May 23)

- Siena College’s Dave Smith drafted in 30th round by the NY Mets and assigned to
the Little Falls Mets (June)

- Hank Caputo founds Schenectady Mohawks of the New York Collegiate Baseball

1979 - Death of Buck Ewing.

1980 - Night baseball returns to Amsterdam's Mohawk Mills Park (now Shuttleworth
Park) (June 12).

- Rotterdam (NY) team wins 1980 Babe Ruth World Series (August)

- Little Falls' Roger Frash (.346) and Kevin Spicer (10 wins) leads the NYP League.

- Schenectady fails to find a home field for a projected EL franchise; club moves instead
to Glens Falls. Glens Falls White Sox finish last but rank third in attendance.

- Reading outfielder Wayne Williams arrested for assault at East Field on complaint of
Glens Falls reliever Mark Teutsch (May 17).

- Lights installed at Glens Falls' East Field—had played all-daytime schedule prior to
that (August).

- Amsterdam native Dick Case named chief executive officer of USA Baseball

1981 - Glens Falls wins both halves of the EL split-season under manager Jim Mahoney.
Ron Kittle leads EL with 40 homers and 103 RBIs -- named EL Player of the Year;
Greg Walker leads EL with 117 runs and 163 hits. Larry Edwards leads EL with 15 wins.

- Little Falls' Robert Gilles' 19 homers leads NYP League

- Albany Twilight League Hall of Fame formed; one of six original members is Black
Sox's Pop Spencer.

1982 - At the Little Falls Mets home opener, four parachutists miss Veterans Memorial
Park and land ten miles away at St. Johnsville (June 18).

- The Glens Falls White Sox win the EL pennant in the first half of the split-season under
manager Jim Mahoney.

- Edsall Walker elected to Albany Twlight League Hall of Fame

- Glens Falls' Paul Klimas (.311, 164 hits) and Tim Hulett (113 runs scored) lead EL.

- Dwight Gooden (0-1, 4.15) appears with Little Falls.

- Former major league catcher Ebba St. Claire dies in Whitehall, NY (August 22).

1983 - Albany A's join Eastern League; Heritage Park opens. A's finish last but draw
200,000 fans. Steve Ontiveros, Charlie O'Brien, Luis Quinones, Phil Stephenson, Steve
Kiefer, Mike Gallego (0 HR, 18 RBI, .223) and Tim Pyznarski on roster. Tom Romano
leads EL with 164 hits.

- Little Falls Mets' John Boyles leads NYP League with 12 wins. Pitchers Rick Aguilera
(5-6, 3.72) and Jeff Innis (8-0, 1.37) with Little Falls.

- Future major league outfielder Daryl Boston (18 HR, 50 RBI, .239) with Glens Falls.

- Former Albany Black Sox infielder (and New York Black Yankee) Art Mitchell voted
into Albany Twilight League Hall of Fame.

- J. DeBeers & Sons of Albany manufactures special baseballs for the film
The Natural.

- Former Glens Falls White Sox player Ron Kittle win AL Rookie of Year Award.

1984 - Future major leaguers Doug Drabek (12-5, 2.24 ERA), Ron Karkovice, Mike
Trujillo and John Cangelosi with GF. Drabek joined the club on April 23, being recalled
from Appleton to replace former major leaguer Kevin Hickey. Teammate Pat Adams, a
slick fielding first baseman, leads EL with 24 homers, 102 RBI, 234 total bases and 17
game winning hits.

- Albany author William Kennedy wins the Pultizer Prize for
Ironweed, a novel about
fictional former major leaguer Francis Phelan (April 16).

- Doug Drabek of Glens Falls White Sox chosen by Yankees as "player to named later"
in trade for Roy Smalley (August 14).

- Glens Falls' Pat Adams named Eastern League Most Valuable Player (September 7).

- Little Falls Mets under manager Bud Harrelson win NYP pennant and playoffs. Pitcher
David West (6-4, 3.34) and shortstop Kevin Elster (3 HR, 35 RBI, .257) with Little

- Former Little Falls Met Dwight Gooden wins NL Rookie of the Year Award.

- Albany-Colonie A's win EL pennant under manager Keith Lieppman. Future major
leaguers Mickey Tettleton, Tim Belcher, Jim Eppard with Albany-Colonie. Teammate
Thad Reece leads EL with .331 average. Tim Lambert paces league with 17 wins.

- Former Mohawk Giants promoter Hank Bozzi dies in Caroga Lake; was 92 and
member of Schenectady School Board at the time of his death, oldest elected official in
United States (July 10).

1985 - Former Little Falls Met Doc Gooden wins NL Cy Young Award.

- Pittsfield rejoins EL; finishes seventh as Cubs farm team.

- Albany-Colonie A's become Albany-Colonie Yankees, win pennant under manager
Barry Foote. Doug Drabek (league-leading 153 strikeouts), Bob Tewksbury (6-5,
3.54),  Roberto Kelly (2 HR, 43, .291), Hal Morris (0 HR, 4 RBI, .215), Orestes
DeStrade (23 HR, 72 RBI, .253) with Albany and Brad Arnsberg (league-leading 14
wins and 1.59 ERA) with Albany. Arnsberg is named EL Pitcher of the Year and
Yankee Farm System Pitcher of the Year. Albany draws 324,003 fans— still the
Eastern League record.

- Glens Falls' Ken Williams' 87 runs scored paces EL.

- Lefty Hill elected to Albany Twlight League Hall of Fame.

1986 - Ron Guidry visits Albany on re-hab assignment. Event draws 14,491 fans. Guidry,
limited to 50 pitches, leaves after three innings with a 5-1 lead.

- Albany's Logan Easley is named Yankee Farm System Pitcher of the Year. Darren
Reed (4 HR, 27 RBI, .230) and Steve Frey (4-7, 3.82) also with club.

- Pittsfield's Rafael Palmiero leads EL with 156 hits and 95 RBIs -- Eastern League
Player of the Year.  Paul Noce leads EL with 87 runs scored.

1987 - Future Atlanta star John Smoltz (4-10, 5.68) with Glens Fall's. Glens Falls' Steve
Searcy leads Eastern League with 139 strikeouts.

- Randy Velarde (7 HR, 32 RBI, 316, Phil Lombardi (3 HR, 8 RBI, .250), Darren Reed
(20 HR, 79 RBI, .329), Steve Frey (3-4, 2.10), and Hal Morris (5 HR, 73 RBI, .326)
with Albany. A-C draws 316,034 fans, still the third-highest total in Eastern League

- Pittsfield Cubs win Eastern League pennant under manager Jim Essian. Mark Grace
named EL Player of the Year - hits .333 with 17 HR and league-leading 101 RBIs.
Dwight Smith hits .337 with 18 HR and 168 RBI—leads league with 111 runs scored.
Doug Dascenzo hits .306 with 3 HR , 56 RBI, and 36 SB. Hector Villanueva bats .274
with 14 homers and 70 RBI.

- Pitchers Terry Bross (2-0, 3.86 ERA) and Anthony Young (3-4, 4.53), infielder Tim
Bogar (0 HR, 23 RBI, .234) and catcher Todd Hundley (1 HR, 10 RBI, .146) with Little

- Schenectady's Central Park "A" Diamond is renamed Buck Ewing Field.

- Billy Herrell elected to Albany Twlight League Hall of Fame.

1988 - Pittsfield leaves Eastern League after drawing just 53,121 fans. Pittsfield's Jerome
Walton leads EL with .331 average; Hector Villanueva bats .314 with 10 HR and 75
RBI. Teammate Cedric Landrum leads EL with 82 runs scored.

- Glens Falls catcher Chris Hoiles leads Eastern League with 17 homers as Glens Falls
wins EL pennant under manager John Wockenfuss but draws just 57,314 fans. Glens
Falls' Cesar Mejia, who pitched a no-hitter on April 17, named Eastern League Pitcher
of the Year. Teammate Paul Wenson leads EL with 2.04 ERA. Franchise transfers to
London, Ontario in off-season.

- Pitchers Terry Bross (2-1, 3.09 ERA), Anthony Young 3-4, 4.53) and Eric Hillman (3-
5, 2.20), and catcher Todd Hundley (2 HR, 18 RBI, .188) with the Little Falls Mets.

- Albany wins Eastern League playoffs under manager Stump Merrill.

1989 - Little Falls Mets (NYP League) move to Pittsfield. Deaf future ML outfielder
Curtis Pride (6 HR, 25 RBI, .259) with Pittsfield.

- Albany wins Eastern League pennant and playoffs under manager Buck Showalter.
Albany's Rodney Imes (17-6, 2.73 ERA)named Eastern League Pitcher of the Year.
Club draws 198,862 fans. Future major leaguers on club include: righthander Scott
Kamieniecki (10-9, 3.20 ERA), Jim Leyritz (led league with .315), Rob Sepanek (led
league with 22 homers), Scott Kamieniecki (league-leading 140 strikeouts), Scott Adkins
(league-leading 2.07 ERA) and second baseman Andy Stankiewicz (led the EL with 74
runs scored and 41 stolen bases), first baseman Jason Maas, pitchers Tim Layana (17
saves), outfielders Bernie Williams (11 HR, 42 RBI, .252) Oscar Azocar and Deion
Sanders, and third baseman Hensley Muelens. Albany draws 214,663 fans.

- Former Pittsfield Cub Jerome Walton wins National League Rookie of the Year Award.

- Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) holds national convention in Albany
and Cooperstown.

- John Thorn of Saugerties, NY publishes the first edition of
Total Baseball.

1990 - Mayor Thomas M. Whalen III proclaims "Edsall Walker Day" in Albany (March).

- Albany wins EL pennant under future Padres coach Dan Radison. Draws 203,423 fans.
Future major leaguers with club: Scott Kamieniecki (10-9, 3.20), second baseman Pat
Kelly (3 HR, 23 RBI, .242, led EL with 6 triples), Bernie Williams  (8 HR, 54 RBI, .
281, led Eastern League with 39 SB, 91 runs and 98 walks). Albany draws 203,423
fans. Greg Sparks leads EL with 77 RBI.

- Pittsfield Mets under manager Tim Blackwell win NYP League pennant. Outfielder
Jeromy Burnitz (6 HR, 22 RBI,.301) with Pittsfield. Teammate John Johnstone leads
NYP League with 11 wins.

- Former Glens Falls and Albany-Colonie pitcher Doug Drabek wins NL Cy Young

1991 - Albany-Colonie Yankees under Dan Radison, wins EL playoffs for third time in
four seasons—also wins playoffs. Russ Davis named EL Player of the Year. Ed Martel
leads El with 141 strikeouts; Dave Silvestri leads EL with 97 runs scored—and is named
Yankee Farm System Co-Player of the Year; Vince Phillips leads EL with 85 RBIs. First
baseman J.T. Snow, and pitchers  Sam Militello, and Willie Smith also with club. Albany-
Colonie draws 171,466 fans.

- Pittsfield Mets under manager Jim Thrift win McNamara Division of NYP League.
Randy Curtis (72 runs scored) and Chris Shanahan (10 wins) lead NYP League.

- Former Oneonta catcher Sammy White dies at Princeville, Hawaii (August 5).

- Former Schenectady Blue Jay Carl Sawtski dies in Little Rock, Arkansas (Nov. 24)

1992 - A-C pitcher Jeff Hoffman, 25 years old, dies of cardiac arrhythmia, while on the
road in Binghamton.

- Albany's Sterling Hitchcock leads EL with 156 strikeouts. Catcher Brad Ausmus, third
baseman Russ Davis, second baseman Pat Kelly, outfielders Lyle Mouton and Jesse
Barfield and pitchers Rich Batchelor and Domingo Jean also with club.

- Pittsfield's Edgar Alfonzo leads NYP League with a .356 average and 106 hits. Bill
Pulsipher (6-3) also with club.

- Former Oneonta player Earl Rapp dies at Swedeboro, NJ (February 13).

- Frederick "Fritz" DeBeers, Jr. of J. DeBeers & Sons inducted into the National
Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame (August 4).

- Former Kingston player Chuck Connors dies in Los Angeles (November 10).

1993 - Hamilton Red Birds of the NYP League move to Glens Falls for one season
before relocating to New Jersey in 1994.

- Million-dollar bonus baby Brien Taylor (13-7, 3.48) pitches for the fourth-place A-C
Yankees (70-68). Taylor is named Eastern League Player of the Week for August 9-15.
Andy Pettite (1-0), Domingo Jean (5-3), Lyle Mouton (.255), Andy Fox (.275), Ryan
Karp (0-00), and  Randy Velarde (.235) also with club.

- Jason Isringhausen (7-4, 3.29) and Eric Ludwick (4-4, 3.18) appear for Pittsfield Mets.

- Former New York Giant pitcher Hal Schumaker dies in Cooperstown, NY (April 21).

- David Pietrusza of Scotia, NY elected national President of the Society for American
Baseball Research (SABR).

1994 - Former major league shortstop Kevin Elster makes comeback attempt with A-C -
wins promotion to Yankees. Pitcher Andy Pettitte (7-2) and Infielder Tony Perezchica
also with club.

- Albany-Colonie Yankees announce move to Norwich, Ct., become the Norwich

- Central Park "B" Diamond renamed Joe Spruill Field, in honor of former Mohawk
Giant  pitcher and Schenectady County Community College baseball coach Joe Spruill
(May 14).

-  Former Albany-Colonie Yankee Derek Jeter named Minor League Player of the Year
Baseball America (September 14).

- Independent Northeast League announces it will place a franchise in Albany for 1995

Former A-C Yankees manager Buck Showalter leads Yankees to AL pennant, named
AL Manager of the Year.

1995 - Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs under manager Doc Edwards post 52-18 (.743)
record in winning first Northeast League pennant.

- Manager Dan Shwam’s  Mohawk Valley Landsharks (47-23) finish second in
Little Falls; manager Dave LaPoint’s Adirondack Lumberjacks (42-27) finish third in
Glens Falls.

- Pittsfield Mets (34-42) finish last in McNamara Division of NY-Penn League.

- Troy native Marcus Filley dies in Yarmouth, Maine (January 20).

1996 - Former Glens Falls Tiger John Smoltz wins NL Cy Young Award.

- Former A-C Yankee Derek Jeter named American League Rookie of the Year.

- Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs (55-25) tied for the best record in Northeast league at
55-25; defeated Newburgh Nighthawks 3-to-1 for League championship.

1997 - Negro League lefthander Edsall Walker dies in Albany.

- Austin Knickerbocker dies in Clinton Corners, NY (February 18).

- Amsterdam native Roger Bowman dies in Los Angeles (July 21).

- Albany-Colonie Diamond-Dogs (51-33) finish first and swept its first-round opponents,
but lost to the Elmira Pioneers  2-to-0, for the Northeast League championship.

- Adirondack Lumberjacks under former Red Sox catcher Dave Holt finish third (45â

1998 - Albany-Colonie (52-32) swept Waterbury, 2-to-0 then lost to New Jersey then 2-
to-0 in the title series. Adirondack Lumberjacks (34-50) finish last.

- CASEY Award for Best Baseball Book of the Year goes to Scotia’s David
Pietrusza for
Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

- Stanley "Packy" Rogers dies in Elmira, Pennsylvania (May 15).

- Former A-C Yankee manager Buck Showalter becomes manager of expansion
Arizona Diamondbacks (65-97).

1999 - Albany-Colonie claimed its second title with a 3-to-0 series win over Adirondack,
a 3-to-1 series win over the New Jersey Jackals, and a 3-to-1 victory over the Winnipeg
Goldeyes in the Northern League Championship.

- Former A-C Yankee manager Buck Showalter leads Arizona Diamondbacks (103-59)
to NL West Championship.

- Former Pittsfield player Rafael Palmeiro named AL Player of the Year by
Sporting News

2000 - Adirondack Lumberjacks manager Les Lancaster activated himself after Joey
Eischen was signed by the Montreal Expos and pitched a shutout in game two of the
championship series.

2001- Former Pittsfield pitcher Brooks Lawrence dies in Springfield, Ohio (April 27).

Former Amsterdam Rugmaker Vince Ventura dies (September 11).

Former Albany Senator Hugh Mulcahy  dies (October 19).

Former Pittsfield manager Eddie Popowski dies (December 4).

2002 - Inaugural season of Tri-City Valley Cats (NY-Penn League) (27-48 ). Players
include Devern Hansack, Mark McLemore, and Jailen Peguero.

- Final season of Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs and Adirondack Lumberjacks in the
Northern League.

- Former Glens Falls Tiger John Smoltz leads National League with 55 saves.

- Berkshire Black Bears (Pittsfield) join the independent Northern League.

- Former Amsterdam Rugmaker pitcher Frank "Spec" Shea dies at New Haven,
Connecticut (July 19).

- Former Oneonta player Eddie McGah dies in Oakland, California (September 30)

2003 - Former A-C Yankees manager Buck Showalter becomes manager of Texas

- Former Gloversville Glover Jack McKeon replaces Jeff Torborg as Florida Marlins

- Former A-C Yankee Derek Jeter named Yankee team captain.

- Former Albany Senator Haywood Sullivan dies in Fort Myers, Florida (February 12).

- The Clifton Park National Amateur Baseball Association plays last game ever at
Colonie's Heritage Park  (August 8).

- Amsterdam Mohawks (35-12, .745) enter New York Collegiate Baseball League, play
at Shuttleworth Park, win championship.

2004 - Baseball historian John Thorn of Kingston, NY discovers document at Berkshire
Atheneum proving existence of baseball in Pittsfield, MA in 1791.

- David Pietrusza's
Rothstein: The Life Times and Murder of the Criminal Genius who
Fixed the 1919 World Series nominated for the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar

- Saratoga Phillies and Glens Falls Golden Eagles enter New York Collegiate Baseball
League. Glens Falls (31-10) finishes first in East Division. Amsterdam Mohawks (23-18)
finish second. Saratoga (20-20) finishes third. Mohawk Valley Cobras (10-26) finish fifth
(last). In the final round of the NYCBL playoffs Amsterdam defeated Hornell to win their
second straight  championship.

- 1886-rules baseball game, Hartford Hillies vs. Hartford Senators, played at Pittsfield's
Wahconah Park and telecast live by ESPN Classic. Color commentators include Jim
Bouton, Bill "Spaceman" Lee, actor Tim Robbins, and authors
David Pietrusza and John
Thorn (July 3).

- Author Lyle Spatz publishes
Bad Bill Dahlen: The Rollicking Life and Times of an
Early Baseball Star
, a biography of Nelliston, New York native Bill Dahlen.

- Tri-City Valley Cats (50-25) finish first in NY-Penn League's Stedler Division; Oneonta
Tigers (33-41) finish third.

- Death of former Gloversville Glovers radio announcer Phil Spencer at age 75 (Dec. 15)
- Canadian-American League Reunion in Gloversville, dinner features former Glover Jack
McKeon (Dec. 19)

2005 - Former Amsterdam Rugmaker Bunny Mick dies at Odessa, Florida (Sept. 14)
- Former Albany-Colonie Yankee Joe Girardi replaces Jack McKeon as Florida Marlins
manager (Oct. 19)
-Tri-City ValleyCats finish 5th (31-43) in NY-Penn League's McNamara Division.
-Tri-City ValleyCats manager Gregg Langbehn called up at season's end to coach for
Houston Astros
-Amsterdam Mohawks (29-18) win Eastern Division of New York Collegiate Baseball
League. Saratoga Phillies (18-28) finish 5th. Glens Falls Golden Eagles (17-29) finish 6th.
-Dalton (MA) native Jeff Reardon charged with robbing a Palm Beach Gardens (FL)
jewelry store (Dec. 26)

- Saugerties resident John Thorn receives Bob Davids Award at SABR National
Convention at Seattle (June 29)
-Great Barrington resident Jim Bouton announces formation on Vintage Base Ball
Federation (VBBF) (August)
-Saratoga Phillies (26-14) win NYCBL East Division and capture playoff championship;
Little Falls Diamond Miners (24-17) finishes second; Amsterdam Mohawks (21-22)
finish third; Glens Falls Golden Eagles (19-22) finishes fourth.

- Former Amsterdam Rugmaker Dick Kryhoski dies at his Beverly Hills home (April 10)
- Glens Falls Golden Eagles  (34-6,.850), Saratoga Phillies (25-14, .641), Little Falls
Miners (17-25, 405), Amsterdam Mohawks (17-25,.405),  and Bennington Bombers
((12-29,.292) compete in NYCBL Eastern Division.