From Baseball's Canadian-American League by David Pietrusza:

Winter Park began as an ice skating rink run by Father Martin and St. Mary's Church and
quickly evolved into a full-fledged ballpark under Knotty Lee. The park opened in spring 1936
with work on the grandstand uncompleted but was finished, including a very, very small roof,
by June.

There were problems. "I know," recalls Perth's Norman Hibbs, "one game we were playing,
and the grandstand roof collapsed. Nobody was seriously hurt, but a few people were hurt a
little bit."

"Left field was awful short," says Spencer Fitzgerald. "They had balls that used to bounce off
the roofs of the house. It wasn't much of a ballpark--Right field, however, was fairly deep.
"You could urinate over that left field fence," Barney Hearn sums up succinctly.

Lights were installed only after the Can-Am League departed. In 1946, the Border League
arrived, and Bradley & Williams of Syracuse installed a system for $17,500. In the early
1950s, after the loop folded, the lights were sold and reinstalled in Valley Field, Quebec.

Winter Park presently stands as just a ball diamond, devoid of lights and stands, and is now
called Father Martin Park.
Winter Park
Ogdensburg, New York