TR’s Last War:
Theodore Roosevelt, The Great War,
and a Journey of Triumph and Tragedy
From David Pietrusza,
the award-winning
author of
The Year of the
Six Presidents
David Pietrusza
From Lyons Press,
an imprint of Globe Pequot
Publication Date September 2018

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A riveting new account of Theodore Roosevelt’s impassioned crusade for military
preparedness as America fitfully stumbles into World War I, spectacularly
punctuated by his unique tongue-lashings of the vacillating Woodrow Wilson, his
rousing advocacy of a masculine, pro-Allied “Americanism,” a death-defying
compulsion for personal front-line combat, a gingerly rapprochement with GOP
power brokers—and, yes, perhaps, even another presidential campaign. Roosevelt is
a towering Greek god of war. But Greek gods begat Greek tragedies. His own
entreaties to don the uniform are rebuffed, and he remains stateside. But his four
sons fight “over there” with heartbreaking consequences: two are wounded; his
youngest and most loved child dies in aerial combat. Yet, though grieving and
weary, TR may yet surmount everything with one monumentally odds-defying last
triumph. Poised at the very brink of a final return to the White House, death stills
his indomitable spirit.

TR’s Last War unveils a sweeping epic not of a lion in winter but a Bull Moose
bellowing at a blazing global inferno’s very gates—and ready for one final stampede

ISBN 978-1-4930-2887-0

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