Photo Gallery of Arnold Rothstein's Murder
In early September 1928 Arnold Rothstein, the nation's most notorious gambler, lost $300,000 marathon
poker gambler. He refused to honor his losses. At approximately 10:15 on the night of Sunday,
November 4, 1928, A.R. received a call at Broadway's Lindy's Restaurant. He left the restaurant,
heading for a rendezvous at Room 349 of the nearby Park Central Hotel at West 56th Street and Seventh
Avenue. At 10:47 PM hotel elevator operator Vince Kelly found him mortally wounded in a first floor
service corridor. Rothstein died the next morning at Polyclinic Hospital. He never named his assailant.
Park Central Hotel
A Call to Broadway's
Lindy's Restaurant Summoned Rothstein to His Death
New York's Park Central Hotel--
Scene of Rothstein's November 1928
Arnold Rothstein's Will
The Service Corridor in the Park Central--Where the Mortally
Wounded Rothstein Was Found
Arnold Rothstein's
Controversial Deathbed Will
Rothstein's Body Being Carried from the Polyclinic Hospital
George McManus in Police Custody
Rothstein's Lifeless Body Being Carried from Polyclinic Hospital,
November 1928
The Accused--
Broadway Gambler George McManus
in Police Custody
George McManus Smiles After His Acquital
Nate Raymond
Jimmy Meehan
Gambler Alvin "Titanic"
Thompson Sat In on the Big
West Coast Gambler
Nate Raymond
Took Rothstein for $300,000
Broadway Gambler
Jimmy Meehan
Hosted the Big Poker Game
Lt. Stephen B. McManus
Maurice Cantor
Hyman Biller
NYPD Lieutenant Stephen
B. McManus--
George McManus's Brother
Maurice Cantor--
Hyman Biller,
George McManus's Bagman, Took It
On the Lam
The Murder Weapon
Abe Bender
Ruth Keyes
The Colt .38  "Detective
Special" Revolver That
Killed  Rothstein
Cab Driver Abe Bender Found
the Murder Weapon
Ruth Keyes Partied at the Scene of the
Beatrice Jackson
Bridget Farry
Park Central Telephone
Operator Beatrice Jackson
  Park Central Chamber Maid
Bridget Farry