Meyer Lansky
Rothstein recognized
"Little Man"'s talents and
helped make him into the
next Rothstein.
Larry Fay
A.R. loaned this former
cab driver the money to
become a rumrunner,
speakeasy king, and
protection racket operator.
Lucky Luciano
A.R. picked this cheap little hoodlum
off the streets and turned him into an
elegant, rich hoodlum.
Dopey Benny Fein
Benny went to jail on labor
racketeering charges and A.R. let
him rot there.
Little Augie Orgen
Augie did A.R.'s bidding in the
Garment District District's labor
wars—he should have quit while
he was
Lucky Luciano
Meyer Lansky
Little Augie Orgen
Dopey Benny Fein
Larry Fay
Waxey Gordon
Waxey Gordon
Waxey wanted A.R. to
bankroll his modest
rumrunning scheme, but
Rothstein had bigger plans
Ciro "The Artichoke King"
This racketeer lived in A.R.'s
Fairfield Hotel and controlled New
York's produce supply, and
literally penned written contracts
to have his enemies rubbed out.
John "Legs" Diamond
Strong-arm artist. Thief. Labor
goon. Bootlegger. Speakeasy
operator. A.R.'s merciless
(and seemingly bulletproof)
Arnold Rothstein's Ganglang Connections
Arnold Rothstein's activities included highstakes gambling, high-interest
loansharking, rumrunning, fencing stolen goods, labor racketeering, and
drug trafficking. Such occupations brought him intimate contact with a
veritable "who's who" of gangland characters, including men who would
lead organized crime from decades to come.