Arnold Rothstein's Saratoga
Arnold Rothstein ran one of Saratoga Spring's most opulent casinos, The
Brook; operated his own racing stable, Redstone Stables; won and lost
hundred of thousands at the track, bribed various and sundry local
officials; plotted the fixing of a World Series--and married showgirl
Carolyn Green there in August 1909.  
The Brook, Saratoga Springs
Ad for the Brook
The Brook--
A.R.'s Saratoga Gambling House
Advertisement for The Brook in
its Later Years--
Featuring "Cuisine Francais"
and a "Sunday Dinner Special"
Brook Club Gambling Chip
Brook Club Gambling Chip
Grandstand Saratoga Race Track
Saratoga Race Track
Saratoga Race Track Crowd,
circa 1907
Main Entrance to Saratoga Race Track
Main Entrance to
Saratoga Race Track
Broadway at Saratoga Springs
Turn of the Century
185 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs, New York
185 Washington Street, as it
appeared in
July 2003
185 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs, New York--
where Arnold Rothstein and Carolyn Green married on Thursday, August
12, 1909 with Herbert Bayard Swope and Margaret "Pearl" Honeyman as
witnesses, justice of the peace Fred Bradley officiating.

Carolyn Rothstein wrote: "I was wearing a large black hat of Milan straw,
a black-and-white silk dress, black patent leather shoes, and black
stockings. There were no flesh-colored stockings in those days, and well I
remember my sense of shock when I saw flesh-colored stockings being
worn for the first time. They seemed indecent.
I always wore black and white in those days. We all wore corsets, of course,
and I have a memory that my sleeves were rather large, and my skirts
rather long."
Arnold Rothstein's Saratoga Chronology

1904 - Makes first trip to Saratoga aboard the Cavanagh Special; strands
Abe Attell.
1909 - Marries Carolyn Green at Saratoga Springs; pawns her jewelry
(August 12).
1917 - Begins bankrolling Saratoga gambling house owner Harry Tobin.
1919 - Opens The Brook in Saratoga Springs.
1920 - Subway Sam Rosoff loses $100,000 in one night at The Brook
1920 - Rothstein wins between $850,000 and $900,000 on Sailing B
(August 27).
1921 - Engages Bill Fallon to defend Jules Hormel on charge of bribing
Saratoga officials.
1921 - Rothstein's Sporting Blood wins the Travers; wins purse of $10,275,
plus $450,000 in winning bets (August).
1922 - Sells The Brook to Nat Evans (alternate date: 1925).
1926 - Saratoga Taxpayers' Association petitions Governor Alfred E. Smith
to probe local corruption.
1926 - Gambler George Formel charges A.R. paid Saratoga County District
Attorney Charles B. Andrus $60,000 in "protection."
1934 - Evans insures The Brook and its contents for $117,000 (November
1934 - The Brook burns down (December 31).
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