1882 - Born, East 47th Street, New York City, son of Abraham and
Esther Rothstein (Jan. 17).
1899 - Leaves home; takes job as traveling hat and cap salesman.
1904 - Makes first trip to Saratoga Springs aboard Cavanagh Special;
strands Abe Attell.
1908 - Meets showgirl Carolyn Green at Hotel Cadillac (Sept.).
1909 - Marries Carolyn Green at Saratoga Springs; pawns her jewelry
(Aug. 12).
- Borrows $2,000 from father-in-law to open W. 46th Street
gambling house.
- Wins $4,000 against Jack Conaway at John McGraw's pool hall on
Herald Square (Nov. 18).
1910 - Charles G. Gates loses $40,000 in one night at Rothstein's
- Buys out West 46th Street gambling house partner,
Tammany ward
leader Willie Shea.
1912 - Murder of gambler Herman Rosenthal at the Metropole Hotel
on W. 43rd Street (July 16).
- NYPD Lt. Charles Becker found guilty of ordering murder of
Herman Rosenthal.
- Tammany leader Charles Francis Murphy increases Rothstein's
influence in politics.
1913 - Bankroll reaches $300,000; closes house on W. 46th Street.
- Opens gambling house at Hewlitt, Long Island.
- Begins relationship with showgirl Bobbie Winthrop.
1914 - Begins laying off bets for fellow bookmakers.
- Moves into real estate, insurance.
- Lt. Charles Becker's conviction overturned (Feb. 24).
- Dago Frank Cirofici, Whitey Lewis (Jacob Seidenschner), Lefty
Louie (Louis Rosenberg), and Harry "Gyp the Blood" Horowitz
executed for murder of Herman Rosenthal (April 13).
- Becker again found guilty of ordering Rosenthal's murder (May 22).
1915 - New York State Court of Appeals affirms Becker guilty
- Becker executed at Sing Sing for ordering murder of Herman
1917 - Begins bankrolling Saratoga Springs gambling house owner
Harry Tobin.
- Robbed at Hotel St. Francis crap game (May 16).
- Arch Selwyn opens Selwyn Theatre at 229 W. 42nd Street;
bankrolled by A.R. (Oct. 2).
- Wins $300,000 on Hourless at Laurel (Oct. 18).
1919 - Opens The Brook in Saratoga Springs.
- Robbed of $11,000 in floating crap game (Jan.).
- Middleman for Charles A. Stoneham's purchase of New York
Giants (Jan. 19).
- Charged with assault after police raid crap game at 301 W. 57th St.
(Jan. 19).
- Bankrolls first edition of
George White's Scandals (June 2).
- Fixes
1919 World Series between Chicago White Sox and
Cincinnati Reds.
1919-20 - Intervenes in garment industry labor disputes; places Little
Augie Orgen in charge.
1920 -  Henchman Nicky Arnstein (husband of Fanny Brice) in hiding
for Wall Street Liberty Bond thefts (Feb-May).
- Furnishes bail for Arnstein; Monk Eastman steals Fanny Brice's car,
returns it on mention of Rothstein's name (May 16).
- Subway Sam Rosoff loses $100,000 in one night at The Brook.
- Bankrolls Waxey Gordon's rum running operation.
- Begins work with Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano.
- Wins between $850,000 and $900,000 on Sailing B at Saratoga
(Aug. 27).
- Grand jury convenes in Chicago to investigate baseball gambling
(Sept. 7).
- Billy Maharg implicates Attell and Rothstein in
Philadelphia North
article (Sept. 27).
- Announces retirement from gambling (Oct. 1).
- Testifies before Chicago grand jury investigating World Series fix
(Oct. 26).
1921 - Black Sox confessions and waivers missing (Feb. 14).
- American League President Ban Johnson alleges Arnold Rothstein
told him Benny Kauff offered to help fix the 1919 World Series (Mar.
- Ban Johnson charges Rothstein stole confessions from the State's
Attorney's office; Rothstein threatens to sue Johnson for $100,000
(Mar. 14).
- Wins $850,000 on Sidereal at Aqueduct (July 4).
- Wins $500,000 on Sporting Blood in Travers Stakes (August 20).
- Loses $270,000 on single race at Aqueduct (fall).
- Enters Bahamian rum running scheme with Dapper Dan Collins.
- Begins association with Frank Costello.
- With Gene McGee discovers "padlock" loophole in Mullen-Gage
1922 - Sells The Brook to Nat Evans (alternate date:1925).
- Pays income tax of $35.25 for 1921; declares gross income of
$31,544.48, net of $7,257.29 (Mar. 15).
- Helps finance Anne Nichols'
Abie's Irish Rose (opens May 23 at
New Victory Theatre).
- Fences $300,000 in jewels stolen from Mrs. Hugo A. C.
- Borrows $20,000 from Irving Berlin.
1923 - Showgirl Dot King found murdered in Rothstein-owned
apartment (Mar 15).
- William Randolph Hearst's
New York American links Rothstein to
bucket shop scandals.
- Closes Long Beach gambling house.
Collyer's Eye insinuates Rothstein might be involved with Cincinnati
Reds in throwing games (Aug. 18).
- Testifies before Referee in Bankruptcy re: E. M. Fuller & Co. (June
25, Oct. 8).
- Jack Dempsey-Luis Firpo fight; A.R. helps Lucky Luciano pick out
a new wardrobe for the event (Sept. 14).
- Bankrolls swindler "Jake the Barber" Factor.
1924 - Indicted for concealing E. M. Fuller assets (April).
- Nicky Arnstein enters Leavenworth (May 16)
- Nott suspends sentencing for Fuller & McGee (July).
- Fallon acquitted of perjury (Aug. 8).
- Fallon defends Giants coach Cozy Dolan (Oct.-Nov.).
- Rothstein high agent in sales for Norwalk Insurance Co.
1925 - Bankrolls Jake Factor again.
- Sends Sid Stajer to Asia for drug buys in China, Formosa, and
Hong Kong.
- Wins $80,000 on suspicious Mickey Walker-Dave Shade fight at
Madison Square Garden.
- Mayor John F. "Red Mike" Hylan accuses A.R. of being a "gambler"
backing James J. Walker for mayor (Aug. 24).
- Tammany chief George Olvany denies knowing Arnold Rothstein
1926 - Rothstein, Inc. employee Irving Sobel arrested on charge of
selling heroin.
- Mediates garment industry strike--allegedly influences police on
behalf of the Communist faction.
- Sends George Uffner to Asia for further drug purchases--these will
continue until after Rothstein's death.
- Gives power of attorney to both L. P. Mattingly and Rolland Nutt to
represent him when an additional tax assessment for the years 1919,
1920, and 1921 was lodged against him
- Gambler George Formel charges A.R. had paid Saratoga Co. D.A.
Charles B. Andrus $60,000 in "protection" money.
- Presence ringside at first Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney heavyweight
title fight causes controversy; wins $500,000 (Sept. 23).        
1927 - Carolyn Rothstein tells Rothstein she desires a divorce.
- Death of Bobbie Winthrop.
- Arnold Rothstein meets showgirl Inez Norton.
- Arnold Rothstein urges Little Augie Orgen to lay off strongarm
tactics in unions and opt for infiltration of their management--Orgen
- American Federation of Labor (AFL) accuses Arnold Rothstein of
"fixing the police in behalf of the Communists" in recent furriers strike
(June 11).
- Arnold Rothstein in virtual control of U.S. drug trade.
1928 - Bankrolls Fats Waller's Broadway review Keep Shufflin'
(opens Feb. 27)
- Belgian multi-millionaire Captain Alfred Loewenstein arrives in New
York City (Apr. 28).
- Loses $130,000 at Belmont Park (May 31).
- "Loans" $19,940 to City Magistrate Albert Vitale (June 17 or 18).
- Death of Capt. Alfred Loewenstein (July 4).
- Loses $300,000 at poker game at Jimmy Meehan's apartment, 161
W. 54th Street (Sept. 8-10).
Shot in Room 349 at Park Central Hotel, 200 W. 56th Street (Nov.
- Rothstein signs
will prepared by attorney Maurice F. Cantor (Nov.
- Arnold Rothstein dies at 10:15 AM at Polyclinic Hospital, 335-361
W. 50th Street (Nov. 5).
- Funeral at Riverside Memorial Chapel; Burial at Union Field
Cemetery, Queens (Nov. 7)
- Sidney Stajer and Jimmy Meehan testify before Rothstein murder
case grand jury (Nov. 28).
- In the Tombs Bridget Fahey and two others identify gambler George
McManus as being occupant of Room 349 (Nov. 28).
- District Attorney Joab Banton denies Arnold Rothstein-Alfred
Loewenstein link (Dec. 3).
- George McManus, Hyman "Gillie" Biller, John Doe, and Richard
Roe indicted for A.R.'s murder (Dec. 4).
1929 - Mayoral candidate Fiorello LaGuardia reveals 1928 A.R. loan
to Vitale (Sept.).
- Judge Charles C. Nott refuses to try McManus until after election
(Oct. 10).
- James J. Walker defeats Fiorello LaGuardia 865,000 to 368,000;
Thomas C. T. Crain elected District Attorney (Nov.).
- George McManus' trial postponed because of illness of witness
(Nov. 12).
- McManus trial begins (Nov. 18).
- Judge Nott directs acquittal of George McManus (Dec. 5).
- Judge Albert Vitale robbed at Tepecano Democratic Club (Dec.
1930-Judge Nott quashes charges against Biller (Jan. 16).
- Inez Norton returns from Florida, announces she will play on
Broadway in a play based on Rothstein (Feb. 1).
- Grand jury issues report on NYC federal narcotics office (Feb. 19).
- Judge Albert Vitale removed from office over Rothstein loan (Mar.
- Inez Norton opens in
Room 349 at the National Theater (Apr. 21)
- Judge Albert Vitale honored by the Federation of Italian-American
Democratic Clubs; gunmen burst in and rob guests (June 8).
- Judge Samuel Seabury appointed to investigate Magistrates Courts;
begins end of Walker administration (Aug. 25).
1932 -Rothstein murder grand jury dismissed (Feb. 2).
- Seabury interrogates Walker (May 25-26).
- Seabury sends recommendations to Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt
(June 8).
- Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt interrogates Walker (Aug.11-26).
- Jimmy Walker resigns as mayor (Sept. 1).
1938 - Jack Rothstone files an accounting of brother Arnold's estate,
no assets listed (Mar. 1)
An Arnold Rothstein Chronology