Booklist "Top Ten" Review
(for the audio book)

No other thug represents early-twentieth-century underground
gambling and rum-running rings better than Arnold Rothstein,
whose greatest claim to fame was being the mastermind
behind baseball's 1919 Black Sox scandal. And no other
narrator could lend as much substance to this gripping
account as Gardner; his gruff, straightforward baritone voice
has an in-your-face quality, perfect for the subject matter.
Gardner's recitation elicits Rothstein's penchant for the
seedier side of life without resorting to buffoonery--a real
talent given the cartoonlike world Rothstein inhabited.
Besides his infamous role in the World Series scandal,
Rothstein had his hand in just about every other New York City
vice. Sounding appropriately disgusted when Rothstein's
behavior warrants it, Gardner lends immediacy to this
unknown slice of dubious history.