From Baseball's Canadian-American League by David Pietrusza:

Before the advent of Dietz Stadium baseball was played at the wooden
fairgrounds, which burned to the ground in the 1930s. On its site Dietz Stadium
was built, named after Staff Sgt. Robert Dietz, a Kingstonian killed in the Second
World War who was a Medal of Honor winner. A WPA project that still stands, it
was really designed for football (basically it's a single row of concrete bleachers
along the first base side), and its dimensions made it difficult to hit one out,
featuring a very deep right field.

Nonetheless many fine black teams (the Kansas City Monarchs, Philadelphia
Stars, Homestead Grays, Cleveland Buckeyes and Baltimore Elite Giants) played
there as well as several barnstorming major league squads (the Cardinals,
Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh, Boston Braves, and Phils). From 1951 to 1988 it
was used for high school football and semipro ball, but in 1989 the park was
transferred to the Kingston Board of Education in exchange for another site and
will now be used exclusively for football and track.

"We traded tradition for money," commented one Kingston councilman.
Dietz Stadium
Kingston, New York