161 Church Street, Amsterdam, NY
David Pietrusza's Amsterdam
Author David Pietrusza hails originally from
Amsterdam, New York and presents this webpage in
the city's honor.
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St. Stanislaus School,
Cornell Street, operated by
the Felician nuns.
Amsterdam, NY
The old Kresge's on
West Main Street.
New York. It featured
a modest lunch counter
(turkey dinner for 35
cents) and root beer
stand (five cents a
mug). circa. 1960.
The author (at left) assists
his great-uncle Anthony
Lenczewski behind the bar
part of the "bar & grill."
The author grew up here at 161 Church Street, then
known as "A. Lenczewski's Bar & Grill." This photo
shows the building being demolished in the early 1960s
to house the new headquarters of the Amsterdam
Federal Savings and Loan.
Old Seal of the City of Amsterdam, New York
East Main Street, Amsterdam, New York
West Main
Drugs and
Brownies Lunch
c. 1960
East Main Street,
New York
(looking West)
circa 1960.
The Elks Club and
the Amsterdam
Savings Bank on
Division Street.
Alderman David Pietrusza,
State Senator Hugh T. Farley,
Assemblyman Paul D. Tonko,
and Lt. Governor Mary Ann
Krupsak at the 75th
Anniversary of PNA Council
Group 1291.
St. Stanislaus
Cornell Stree
of the most beautiful
National Merit
Scholars at
Wilbur H. Lynch
High School
in 1967.
Class of 1967
Wilbur H. Lynch
High School.
Kelloggs & Miller Amsterdam Brand Refined Linseed Oil
Guy Park Manor, Amsterdam, New York
Robert N. Going's Roll Call: The World War II Dead of Amsterdam, NY
St. Stanislaus School, Class of 1963