From the Award-Winning Author of 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents
1960--LBJ vs JFK vs Nixon
1960--LBJ vs JFK vs Nixon: The Epic Campaign that Forged Three Presidencies
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Cast of Characters     x
January     1
"My son will be President in 1960"     2
"Independent as a hog on ice"     19
"You're my boy"     33
"Kicked in the head by a horse"     53
"When Bobby hates you, you stay hated"     61
"I am not a candidate for the vice presidency of anything"     66
"An independent merchant competing against a chain store"     77
"The rich man's Harold Stassen"     95
"Committing a sin against God"     109
"A little black bag and a checkbook"     121
"All the eggheads are for Stevenson"     131
"They were a dime a dozen"     145
"A clean bill of health"     157
"First blood for Kennedy"     170
"We had to win on the first ballot"     177
"Too shallow a puddle"     190
"I'm not going to die in office"     194
"He is not a big man"     207
"A two-fisted, four square liar"     213
"The man who will succeed Dwight D. Eisenhower... Richard E. Nixon"     
"Why do you think they did that, Sammy?"     233
"Nothing takes precedence over his oath to uphold the Constitution"     245
"Matt Dillon ain't popular fornothing"     259
"Nixon did everything but sweep out the plane"     268
"I seen him, I seen him"     282
"You bombthrowers probably lost the election"     291
"The most dangerous man in America"     299
"No one could tell him anything"     307
"He felt cool, calm, and very alert"     320
"They've embalmed him before he even died"     335
"The bones of a single American soldier"     349
"Senator Kennedy is in clear violation of the spirit of the law"     366
"They know not what they do"     381
"I'm just out for a little ride"     391
"The help of a few close friends"     400
"Dies irae"     411
Notes     419
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