David Pietrusza's

The Year of
the Six
President George W. Bush's Reaction to 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents
Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Primary Reading for the University Scholastic League (UIL) Social Studies Topic for 2014-2015: United States
Political History: The Executive Branch

Source Material: Library of Congress: Presidential Election of 1920: A Resource Guide
Named by Richard Norton Smith on C-SPAN as one of
his favorite presidential campaign books.
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After Words, interviewed by
ABC News Correspondent Ann Compton

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1920 By the Numbers :

  • 100,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan
  • 556 radicals deported to Russia
  • 531 electoral votes
  • 61 lynchings
  • 44 ballots at the Democrat National Convention
  • 14 Points
  • 10 ballots at the Republican National Convention
  • 7 First Ladies
  • 6 Presidents in the running
  • 4 Presidential mistresses
  • 2.7% Beer
  • 2 Constitutional amendments
  • 2 handbills alleging the next president was black
  • 2 Italian anarchists arrested for a murder in South Braintree,
  • 1 President of Africa
  • 1 Attorney General's home bombed
  • 1 Wall Street bombing
  • 1 Presidential candidate residing in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary
  • 1 Catholic placed in nomination for the presidency
  • 1 commercial Radio Station on the air
  • 1 illegitimate child
  • 1 lawsuit by a Vice-Presidential nominee
  • 1 Presidential son-in-law
  • 1 fraudulent Pulitzer Prize
  • 1 League of Nations
  • 1 World War
David Pietrusza discusses September 16, 1920's
deadly Wall Street bombing with
WCBS-TV's "Eye on New York" host Dana Tyler.
Glenn Raucher's May 2007 introduction of
David Pietrusza at Manhattan's Writer's Voice
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